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The Spas


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Owing to its complex volcanic origin, the island of Ischia boasts a hydro-thermal heritage that is among the richest and most interesting in the world. The basic characteristic of the Ischia hot springs is that they provide waters that are very rich in salts, in other words hot or very hot "mineral waters", defined as “thermal" or "hyper - thermal". Our island’s thermo-mineral spring waters are particularly indicated for arthro-rheumatic, ear nose and throat treatments and rehabilitative therapies.Thermal bath treatments that can be had are: mud therapy, balneotherapy and inhalation therapies.In the centres covered by agreements with the Italian Public Health Care (ASL) one can take advantage of these services by producing authorisation issued by family doctors.Particularly worthy of mention are the Nitrodi and Olmitello di Barano springs; in particular, Nitrodi has a remarkable diuretic and anti-uric action and is often used to combat Dermatological problems.

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