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Forio d'ischia

Forio is a charming and a sunny village, that extends from Punta Caruso to  Punta Imperatore, with beautiful beaches. It was been exposed to the invasions so to guard it raised towers of differents shapes.- They are placed of the inner line and on the extrerior live. The most famous is the "torrione" in the centre of the village that is also one of the symbol of village. Forio is the sole village that preserve his historical centre intact with his lanes, the little painters and ceramists shops. the old maisons, the historical churches, the towers and his monuments. Forio is the cultural and artistic centre of ischia island. In the fifty years it bacame a point of international meeting for entertainment and cultural men. Aso now many foreign artist come here for the beautiful places and the hospitality of the people. The Forio harbor  is a landing place and connect the island to Neaples. the main monuments are: Soccorso church, S.Francesco Church,S. Maria di Loreto Basilica,San Vito Church, S. Maria to Monte, The Torrione.

 Forio is an ideal place for every body, wants a comfortable holidays. The village has the thermal waters , the Thermal parks the most beautiful beaches,discos, pubs, bar, restaurant, etc.

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