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Ischia is famous for the beachs,  thermal springs and luxury hotels. It 's  the village of Ischia island with the greatest population. The village is divided into two parts: Ischia Porto (where there was the natural lake  that   Ferdinando II of Borbone changed in the harbor)  and Ischia Ponte famous for the Aragona castle that for many centuries was the place of residence for all ischitan people during the invasions. Afterwards with Alfonso of Aragona the castle walls were restored and it became the place of meeting for artists and men of letters, and the center of court life and party place. Then the marriage of Ferrante d'Avalos and Vittoria Colonna was celebrated there. She composed in Ischia mer famous love sonnets. The main monuments are the Aragona castle, the Museum of the sea, the Madonna delle Grazie church, and San Pietro church, the Assunta Cathedral, the Portosalvo church, the S.Antonio library, the Seminary palace. Ischia has a famous main street for shopping that goes from Via Roma to corso Vittoria Colonna with many kind of shops. There were many attractions and entertainment with discos, piano-bar, folkloristic inns, restaurant.

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