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Barano d'ischia

Barano for some means "pleasant spot" for some it derives from latin "balneum" for the springs that  the ancient greeks built appreciated and knew to the Nitrodi springs the greeks built da spot for nymphaes Nitrodi and Apollo, god of beauty and men's Health. The Ischia island springs Known for their medicinal Thermal Waters are Nitrodi and Olmitello. The main touristic and Thermal attraction is Maronti beach, a beautiful and natural bay 2 Km long, rich in evocative corners like Cava Scura and Olmitello-valley where you can go by taxi-boat from S. Ajngelo. More than Barano centre there are the Hamlets of Piedimonte, Testaccio,Buonopane and Fiaiano. The main monuments are S. Giovanni Battista church, S.Giorgio church and S. Rocco church. The folkloristic dance Barano is  the " ndrezzata" played in Buonopane on easter monday. Barano is known for his fresh air, his fruitful lands, his beautiful viewes and his cultural traditions.

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